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Philosophy Essay: My Dinner with Andre My Dinner with Andre is a highly-philosophical movie that revolves around two personalities, both of which engage in theater, discussing life, death, social conventions, and basically, theater experiences. It features Wally, a theater actor whose life revolves around New York City while figuring out how to continually augment his needs with his meager income in an unstable career of being a playwright and actor, and Andre Gregory, Wally’s friend, who is also a man of the theater, who busied himself to travel along many parts of the world such as India, Scotland, Poland and the Arabia.


For one, Wally and Gregory are both theater enthusiasts and actors. For instance, Gregory found it amazing to be in a Polish forest with huge trees and diverse people and beautiful women. Gregory depicts a character who is fascinated to the tiny details of life and who enjoyed life to the fullest despite life’s oddities. Moreover, Gregory narrates how every detail in life, say in a production, is connected with one another to make a whole picture of beauty. More so, there is also transcendence in fantasies to reality and finite to infinite (Hendrix 8) as shown in Gregory’s hallucinations out from the reality when he was aboard on a plane, among other situations that he told. Humanism was also discussed in the movie. The value of being a human is emphasized in their conversation, and rational thought, instead of spirituality was likewise emphasized. The humanism was depicted in the constant search for self-actualization, fulfillment, and intellectual quest. ...
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