Experimental Psychologist

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Subject: Philosophy, Essay   Topic:  Experimental Psychologist Date: 19th November 2012 Introduction Psychology may be defined as the scientific study of conscious experience. In observing conscious experience, patients need to pause and focus on their thoughts which then may defined as an empirical study thereby the terms experimental psychology.


Areas of specialty include learning, drug abuse, learning, motivation, memory retention, sensory. In cases of brain abnormality or dysfunction, the experimental psychologist helps in the recovery of these patients to develop memory loss treatments (Psychology Education Assoc. 1). Education and training Most experimental psychologist is holders of masters or doctorate degrees and each state requires that all practicing research psychologist should pass a certain test. In addition, some states may require that a practicing experimental psychologist should enroll in a continuing education class (Psychology Education Assoc 4). During the training an experimental psychologist can various aspects of human behaviour and include motivation, judgment, interest, learning and reminiscence. Other areas of interest includes how the patients sense and perceive what is around them, consequences of drug abuse, and hereditary and neurological factors which affect the behavior of their patients. Due to the critical nature of the work done by experimental psychologists only those who have earned doctorate degrees are allowed to run research laboratories. ...
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