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Assimilation model is where a minority group adopts the values, norms, beliefs, and institutional systems of the domain culture, which the American culture. The Native Americans were not domain because they had to assimilate to the western civilization (Cullen, Lisle, Downs and Colombo 452). Fredrickson explains the assimilation theory proposed by Alex in the following manner. His explanations are based on ethnic relations between religions and races in the history of the US. He asserts that ethnic hierarchy is inevitable because it forms the first pillar of socialization between distinct ethnic groups. In American context, the essay is based on the view that the American race is the dominant group that holds the privileges and right not provided to other races in the society (Cullen, Lisle, Downs, and Colombo 463). Due to this, they view themselves as the superior to those races whom the rights are denied. The system of racial interaction influenced the blacks and Indian races in American society because the whites deemed themselves superior to these races. Fredrickson continues with his assimilation theory using one-way assimilation model. He argues that the only way that other races such as Indians and blacks can pay the Americans is via adapting or conforming to the American culture. ...Show more


Alex’s model of assimilation is based on the argument that the minority groups in society should strive to assimilate with the dominant group and culture. The colonized group attains the culture, ideologies, and norms of the dominant group via education and social interaction. …
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