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Animal Rights

In many ways, elements of this group wish that animal rights would be even further reduced due to the fact that animal rights are antithetical to their personal and/or political vantage point. Similarly, on the opposing side, there are those individuals that are deeply troubled by the way our current society disregards the worth and dignity of other life forms. In fairness, among this group as well exists zealots that would advocate for an extreme solution to such an issue such as all individuals becoming vegetarians to affect a positive change on animal rights worldwide. As such, as rationally and scientifically as possible, this analysis will work to lay out a moderate framework from which the author will attempt to explain and understand the relevant arguments that exist on both sides of this debate.
The following provides a brief summary of some of the arguments that each side of this debate put forward:
The individuals who campaign for a greater degree of protection and animal rights argue the following:
- Due to the fact that eating meat necessarily entails the slaughter of an animal, it also entails grief, anxiety, and a high degree of suffering on the part of the animal
- Raising animals for slaughter is an inherently callous practice due to the fact that those individuals that are involved in the process begin to become hardened to the hardships and suffering that these animals undergo during this process.
- Evidence from a number of physicians and studies have concluded that a meat-eating is not necessarily beneficial to the health of those who eat it. ...Show more


This research paper is meant to serve as a clarion call to humankind as a means to reignite the moral compass that has been lost and focus their attention on the moral harm that is being done to animals with respect to this industrialised slaughter and inhumane treatment. …
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