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Name 13 November 2012 Assignment The Social Contract Theory states that individuals came together in order to form a contract by way of which they could form a union of a State under the rules of which they could live together in peace by maintain order and stability.


Hobbes’ views of the theory were laid down against the backdrop of the Civil War in 1665 in his magnum opus, ‘Leviathan’ meaning sea monster. This paper focuses however on the moral aspect of law that human beings living together are supposed to obey and how far this obligation extends with respect to other people and their rights. Furthermore, if there were a law in place, then would individuals be obligated to obey it and why, and also the objections that rise from following such a law and the loopholes that are still left uncovered. According to Hobbes, society was extremely gloomy at the time and an individual lived a life which was ‘solitary, nasty, brutish, poor, short.’ (Leviathan, ch. 8) Thus, he stated that for an individual to get out of such a condition, it was necessary to establish an absolute monarchy by way of the social contract so that the monarch power could take control of the state and provide the individuals with some sort of solace. Hobbes talked about the state of nature being a condition of life where people lived without rules and the government presiding over every matter, however had the common sense enough to not infringe upon another person’s rights. What is not to be infringed upon may be decided by understanding what is moral and what is not. ...
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