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Insert name Instructors’ name Course Date The Social Contract Theory and the Obligation to Obey Laws The theory of social contracts dates back to the days of Plato. Plato is known to be one of the most influential thinkers in the world of philosophy. However, Plato did not improve the concept comprehensively.


Hobbes explains the social contract as a mutual agreement among the members of society to observe some rules of conduct and give up some freedom for the well being of the society. This paper seeks to explain the relationship between the social contract and the duty to obey laws. Whether we have the moral obligation to obey laws or not has remained a question of contention in the field of philosophy for a considerably long time today. The debate dates back to the days of Plato, through the middle age. There seems to be a great rift in the world of philosophy today concerning the principles behind the obedience of rules. According to morality, which is the obligation for an individual to do that which is right for them, all human beings are morally obliged to obey the law. Going back to the fundamental definition of a contract in any field of study, it is quite obvious that a contract is a give-and take relationship among various parties. This means that, in any form of contract, either party has to sacrifice something to some extent. This is to imply that, for there to exist a legal contract, either party has to agree to the terms and conditions governing the relationship. A social contract is an agreement between the individual and the society or the people. ...
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