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Social Contract Theory Student name: Professor: Subject: November 11, 2012 Philosophy is filled with many life concepts. The research delves on philosophy’s free will issues. The research delves on compatibilism. Compatibilism correctly states that we can act freely even if our actions are caused by forces over which we have no control.


The same individual can also freely dance until he or she is too tired to continue dancing. However, the above person must comply with the United States laws to avoid causing discomfort among the other members of the community. The law prohibits the person from using a microphone to sing at a very loud boisterous level. The act would irritate the nearby apartment dwellers’ sleeping patterns. Singing at the top of one’s voice at 12:00 midnight may anger the next room dweller who needs the silence because her 8 month old baby is sound asleep. In terms of love, the same individual can freely court whoever he chooses. The same person is free to love someone from the African American race, Asian American race, and European American race. Same person can court a 40 year old woman or an 18 year old lady. Some confessed homosexuals freely enter into love relations with persons of the same sex. In fact, gay and lesbian marriages are allowed in some parts our United States. However, the individual cannot force the other person to accept the individual’s love overtures. The other person has the right to freely exercise one’s freedom to accept or reject the love overtures of the suitor or suitors. In terms of education, any person has the freedom to enroll in any school of one’s choice. ...
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