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[Student’s Name] [Instructor’s Name] [Course name and code] 9 April 2012. Gay marriage Gay marriage has been a subject of immense debate for the past few decades. In the contemporary age, many agencies are raising voice in favor of gay marriage in an attempt to get it legalized.


Gay marriages should not be allowed and there should be no constitutional amendment to allow the gays and lesbians to obtain the legal marriage certificate. Gay marriage is an unnatural way of living. Had gay marriage been a natural way of living, gays would have been able to make babies from their relationship. Two people living together in a gay marriage contract cannot suffice each other’s emotional needs, even if they feel physically satisfied being together. Even if they happen to be satisfied both emotionally and physically, the connection may not last forever. Likewise, a woman needs the love of a man for concerns including and beyond physical satisfaction. A man is incomplete without a woman and vice versa. This can be estimated from the fact that no couple but the one comprising members of the opposite sex is able to produce children biologically. Gays are not able to produce children, so they can never experience what it feels like to be a parent. Although some gays tend to adopt a child, yet it has its own negative implications upon the adopted child as will be discussed later. Even if they do adopt children, they are never able to connect to them in a way they would have connected to their biological children owing to the fact that they know they are adopted and not their own children. ...
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