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Scientific Revolution

Therefore, the important figures of the development of scientific thinking appear to be the colleagues, who worked on common range of problems and were guided by the same set of rules. The detailed analysis of scientific history and philosophy found an extremely distorted and romanticized picture of the actual situation. It turned out that the history of science was not as straightforward as it had been represented before. Despite the technological successes, the science not necessarily brings us to more accurate description of the reality. The most famous representative of such views was an American physicist and historian of science Thomas Kuhn. The current paper makes an attempt to analyze Copernicus’ discoveries from the position of Kuhn’s theory and his concept of “scientific revolution”. We will also try to find the gaps in the theory to see if the claim for the universalism of his paradigm is legitimate. Kuhn’s interest in the development of scientific theories and scientific revolutions grew out from the consideration of the fundamental differences between social and natural sciences. During his investigations, Kuhn became convinced that, in historical perspective, the development of science is far from smoothness and uniqueness. ...
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Name Date Month 2012 Scientific Revolution Since the Industrial revolution, the Western science has achieved an amazing success and has become a powerful force that shapes the lives of millions of people. The technological triumph was so obvious that only few could question the absolute right of science to determine an overall life strategy…
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