Compare between Plato and Karl marx on the topic of human nature.

Compare between Plato and Karl marx on the topic of human nature. Essay example
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Name Date Professor’s Name Course Section/# Comparison and Contrast of the Differing Ways in which Karl Marx and Plato Approach the Issue of Human Nature within their Writings It is not often that the names of Karl Marx and Plato are found within the same sentence or even the same context.


Similarly, it will be somewhat more difficult with respect to Karl Marx, not due to the fact that Marx had no opinion on the issue (quite the opposite in fact), but rather due to the fact that Marx himself never specifically sought to engage on the topic. Rather, Marx would periodically discuss tangential manifestations of human nature with respect to “essence” and “biological definitions of man” within his works. To this end, I will seek to synthesize these tangential manifestations as a way of understanding what this author believes to be Karl Marx’s approach to the issue of human nature within his writings. Firstly, when one considers Plato, they necessarily consider his inspiration and teacher – Socrates. Socrates himself was highly interested in the notion of human nature as he so often came at odds with prevailing notions of his time while attempting to break through such staunchly, albeit blindly, held beliefs that the men of his time clung to with such fervor. ...
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