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The highest possible ethical standards are critical to the success of any organization or career (Freeman, 2001). Most hospitals want to hire employees with the highest ethical standards for the good of all affected by their beliefs and conduct. We shall seek to look at the rules of a good doctor.


He sees himself as a dedicated, caring doctor with upright morals. During the interview, he gave the following as his guiding principles and beliefs: a) Character and integrity. All patients that seek treatment from him are treated the same regardless of factors such as gender and disability. This is achieved by providing patients with all the information they require, with regards to the condition they are suffering from, and all the treatment available. The patient determines the way forward. The main aim is therefore not to make profit but the wellbeing of patients. In the case that a condition cannot be diagnosed or treated in the clinic, referral to other specialists is done, for the interest of the patient. All the ethics governing medicine; autonomy, beneficence, justice and non-maleficence, should apply in his practice. b) Team work. He recognizes that nothing towards the wellness of a patient can be achieved singlehandedly, but requires team effort between the different hospital staff and departments. This is achieved through reading and consulting widely. c) Expert in his field of study; there are different specializations under the medical field, and because of the diverseness in the human body structure and the diseases. This requires that one is well informed in the best form of treatment and the latest technology. ...
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