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Philosophers Views on Abortion

Moreover, there should be an absolute priority to the unborn fetus' life over that of the mother. However, some people especially those who support abortion have for centuries argued that the life of a mother is superior to that of the unborn; therefore, any life that put the life of the mother at any risk should be eliminated and the mother let to live. Regardless of the counter argument on abortion, it is not right, at any point in time, to conduct abortion since it constitutes to terminate life; however, under well-argued and justified ground it may be an option to save the mother's life. Regardless of the position one may take the arguments on abortion have proven to be extremely defensive and dogmatic. Furthermore, they concentrate on one perspective without looking at the whole issue in line with its psychological, moral, biological, and sociological complexity. Abortion is a difficult issue; however, it can be resolved if both sides of the debate look at the abortion arguments in open minds. Additionally, all the contributors and involved stakeholders must accept to work together towards the same goal without advance prejudice of the issue. Therefore, it is not advantageous if the entire human race to follow demagogic slogans that politically influence thinking on vital issues such as abortion; thus, human race must all time debate on these vital issues with rational, moral stands. ...
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Abortion Introduction Abortion is the ever hotly debated among the moral and social issues; nonetheless, until to date, abortion has remained a powerful issue among philosophers. Most people who are against abortion argue that human life must be preserved…
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