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Is The Death Penalty Just And Applied Fairly? Institution of Affiliation Name: Death penalty is the punishment that results in death for major crimes like murder and robbery with violence.  Since time in memorial, the death penalty has been an ongoing event for law breakers and has been a controversial issue.  The contest over death penalty has not just begun but has been going on world widely.


Death penalty is an issue that has caused great arguments within the society. This penalty insinuates that a person’s life will be stopped or slowed down by law for offenses committed. The offenses range from murder, terrorism, rape, perjury kidnappings, robbery with violence amongst others. There are factors that form the base of how unjust and fair this penalty is. They include location, race, social and economic factors and politics also play a major role in this. This penalty is a barbaric act that is unjust and unfairly applied to mankind. Half of the homicide victims are those defined by color. In the 20th century, above 80% of the prisoners that were executed were convicted of killing whites in the United States of America. However, this penalty doesn’t scare, neither stop others from committing crime be it murder, terrorisms among others. Majority of those accused of murder are incapable of hiring an efficient defense since they are not capable of paying either the attorneys with the resources to plead for their cases. The choice of progress in a case with a death penalty is sometimes politically motivated. Many innocent people have been convicted and put on death row due to lack of solid evidence to crimes they either did or did not commit. ...
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