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Arguments for and against the existence of god - Essay Example

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Arguments for and against the existence of god

I would like to defend theistic point of view contrary to the line of reasoning presented through the argument from evil. Therefore, I am proving that God is omnipotent, God is all good and evil exists, all at the same time. God is omnipotent In this section, the definition of God’s omnipotent power based on theistic perspective is integrated and illustrated. God is all powerful that he is above everything, and above every name. This would also imply that God could control everything, so he could either allow things or interfere. For this reason, he created everything and because he is powerful, he could allow evil to exist to justify further his goodness and power. After all, he is powerful and there is no limit to what he can do. This would also imply that God could totally eliminate evil, but because he is omnipotent, and all knowing, we could not eliminate the possibility that he knows that it is only through the presence of evil that his goodness and power will prevail. Without evil, God will never exist among us, and the other way around works. For this reason, God chose not to eliminate evil. He chose to do this to justify his existence, and to be known as the one who is supreme, self-consistent, omnipotent, omniscient, righteous, benevolent being and who is distinct from and independent of, what he has created. God’s characteristics are very powerful that evil cannot subdue. These characteristics are what made God omnipotent. Outside of these characteristics are therefore implied evil. Let us illustrate further this point in order to demonstrate God is powerful over evil. Based on the definition, God is righteous and apart from this is evil. To kill is evil and so people entered into a social contract in order to protect their property and above all, life. Thus, when somebody murders, which is an evil act, the law could always be above of this malevolent act, subjecting the murderer to imprisonment and even to life sentence. So this proves that the law itself could represent the righteous act of God which is superior to murder as an act of evil. Since there is an existence of righteousness through the implementation of law for instance, then there exists God, as being righteous is his primary characteristic. However, since there could be murders or other related crimes which could be defined as unrighteousness, then evil exists, because from definition, outside God’s characteristics are evil. However, based on this illustration, God’s righteousness prevails over evil, as definitely the implementation of law is a primary manifestation that we want to ward off evil acts. We condemn murder, so in the same way we are living in the powerful principle of God. Now, at this point it is clear that we are seeing in the real world the very characteristic of God which is righteousness that could help us justify that he exists and together with evil. However, God’s supremacy over wickedness is clear as we too could not deny the fact are living under God’s principle or righteous acts, as we continue to condemn evil acts such as murder. We could therefore simply say that good should prevail over evil. By definition and understanding God’s characteristics, this would only imply God is omnipotent. God is all good Our definition of what is good or bad could become ...Show more


Arguments for and against the existence of God This is a paper defending theism position. Let us start by defining theism based on the view “that heavens and the earth and all that they contain owe their existence and continuance in existence to the wisdom and will of a supreme, self-consistent, omnipotent, omniscient, righteous, and benevolent being, who is distinct from, and independent of, what he has created” (Nagel’s defense of atheism, p…
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Arguments for and against the existence of god essay example
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Arguments for and against the existence of god
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