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In Socrates discussion with Thrasymachus that followed, he first cleared that it was compulsory for people to abide by rulers and just like other people were prone to make mistakes in formulation of these laws. So the times when rules have made a mistake and people are claiming it as justice than it won’t be interest of stronger. In that case when people claim justice abiding by the rule of state or the ruler it won’t be for the interest of stronger but would actually cause injury to those in power. This might be unintentional but clearly states that Thrasymachus claim of justice only being interest of stronger is not always abided by. This is what they agreed upon at the end of discussion. Book 2 According to Glaucon, what do people praise instead of justice? Why? The best way to living by Glaucon is when men have done and suffered injustice and they come to a mutual ground which would be called as lawful and just in the society. Ring of Gyges is explained by Glaucon and is termed as a mythical magical artifact. This has this divine and strange power that makes its owner invisible. He says that every man believes in his heart that doing injustice would give more benefits that acting by laws of justice. If someone gets the ring of Gyges and doesn’t use it as mean of injustice he would be termed foolish by others. This is the reason people praise injustice because they believe that it will give them more benefits. Paper 2 Politics is a broad term which includes Strategy, economics, and rhetoric and since it includes all of the other sciences, it is called the master of art. It involves people who in a certain way control lives of people as they make legislations which make things happen and tell people as what they ought to do or what they should stop doing. This is what brings man to a good end. A young man is full of action and passion and his interest are mostly on the basis of action rather than knowledge. Moreover, his experience in life would be in general rather than specific to this political science and he would be good with life in general terms but not specifically with political science. Happiness can’t be identified with honor since that would end of man’s political life. For a man, honor is basically assurance of his goodness and men with practical wisdom are the ones who seek honor. Virtue however is related with inactivity according to Aristotle and no one would call such a person as happy and hence honor is not related to happiness. Happiness according to him comes with all noble acts and it is impossible to do Noble acts without proper equipment and therefore it is important to have external goods to create happiness. Virtues are intellectual as well as moral. Intellectual wisdom includes philosophic wisdom, understanding and practical wisdom would be included in intellectual wisdom whereas liberality and temperance are said to be part of moral virtue. Moral Virtue is a mean between two vices and lies between excess and defect and also a mean between passion and action. This would simply mean choosing the in between pathway. Paper 3 Prodigality and meanness are two words that Aristotle explained on the basis of wealth. Meanness according to him is the excessive desire and lust for wealth than there should be in a normal person. However, Prodigality is a complex termed described by him. These are those men who spend money on self-indulgence and they are basically ...Show more


Paper 1 Book 1 According to Thrasymachus justice is nothing I proclaim that justice is nothing rather than the interest of stronger. This statement might sound a bit confusing in the beginning but the concept is beautifully explained by him. In every form of government the state is the one who is supposed to be in power and they are the ones making laws…
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Assigned topic essay example
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