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Name Instructor Course Date American Gangster Film The development of the gangster genre as a “static and dynamic system” from the classical to the modernist to the post-modernist expression of the genre Introduction Gangster films are developed around the evil actions of gangsters and criminals, most specifically underworld figures, bank robbers, of cruel hoodlums who violate the law, stealing and ruthlessly killing their way through life.


The gangster genre is a series of cycles, where each draws and develops from its forerunners, but at the same time reflecting the characteristic concerns and feature of its time. The classical genre expression in the 1930s The classical expression of the genre film is based on the rise and fall of the criminal, often involving the simple beginnings from early youth to maturity at the peak of their criminal careers, seemingly and finally ending tragically. The classical expression of the early thirties was viewed by the audience as a clear response to the depression and the expanded misery over the public policy value and government institutions, law and finance (Shadoian 57). This can help describe the key actors such as Rico in Little Caesar and Tony in Scarface, who were powerful figures who thrived in the face of executive opposition, through their own efforts. After the disagreement over Scarface, there existed a short suspension of gangster films, even though some of the forces behind the classical cycle had disappeared with the elimination of the Volstead Act of 1933. ...
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