Philosophy of Plato and American Culture

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[Name] [Course Title] [Instructor Name] [Date] Philosophy of Plato and American Culture Plato was a Greek philosopher and mathematician who set the foundations of the Western philosophy and science, along with his mentor Socrates and his student Aristotle.


It can be said that each culture is based on some distant philosophy which is widely adopted by the people and ultimately turns into the values and traditions of the people. There are so many diverse cultures all around the globe which are based on some philosophies which can still be observed in the 21st century. Plato was one of the philosophers whose philosophy is eminent in the Western culture and it can be said that today’s American culture emanates the philosophy of Plato in a number of ways. According to Alfred North Whitehead, the safest generalization of the different characteristics of the Western culture is that it is based on the philosophy of Plato. The philosophy has not been adopted in a systematic way but it can be easily seen that the scattered ideas of Plato have been included in the culture (Lachs & Talisse, 2008). Platonism had already developed for a period of two millennia after Plato’s death after it had any influence on the American philosophy. There are a number of ideas found in the works of Plato that have played significant role in the development of American philosophy. The main three ideas that have influenced the American philosophy the most are; the importance of formal understanding of mathematics; the conception of nature as in process and the conviction that because of the roles of form in natural processes, value is a part of nature. ...
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