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Name: Instruction: Task: Date: What is Religion? Religion and existence have interesting perspectives when evaluated from different angles of life. First, this begins with the comprehension of the meaning of the self in accordance with the guiding concepts of existentialism.


This begins with the aspect that religion is a problem that afflicts humanity in daily struggles of life. For example, he asserts that religion has played the fundamental role of brainwashing and confusing people instead of providing light. This suggests that it has stopped being a necessity for humanity in their common endeavors to find meaning. There is also a disconnect between religion and nature that affects the existence of human beings amicably (Nishitani 339). This means that religion has a contradictory spectrum that conflicts with its necessity for the masses especially the poor. The writer makes some implications that people can always do without religion in their regular roles and responsibilities. This is through seeking the purpose of religion and aligning it with the essential needs of humanity especially in the understanding of life. Learning and arts in some aspects are not necessities as viewed by humanity in the context of sociological indoctrination. For example, in existentialism, the concept of the absurd affirms that humanity has nothing to gain from the world except the meaning they attach to its happenings. Additionally, the concept continues to add that there is a lot of meaningless in most of the things people value. ...
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