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On Substance Dualism: Understanding its Essence and Basic Concepts Name Course Number – Section Professor Name December 4, 2012 Substance Dualism Introduction This paper aims to provide an in-depth discussion on substance dualism as argued and explained intensively by Rene Descartes.


The second part shall expose the different versions of dualism and provide concise analysis of each. Such versions are comprised of substance dualism; psycho-physical parallelism; occasionalism; idealism; double-aspect theory; and epiphenomenalism. I wish to stress on the fact that such examinations will be done to further establish the arguments that will be set on the logicality of duality. The last part shall focus on substance dualism or interactionism by highlighting the three main arguments that support it. Dualism: A Brief Overview Dualism, in its basic sense, emphasizes on the radical difference between mind and matter (Calef). In this reasoning, the mind is not the same as the brain or any other body part. Thus, there exist two independent substances in a person—one material (comprised mainly of bodily parts) and one non-material (human mind) (Philosophy of Mind). The term ‘substance’ is the most essential concept in this statement as it strongly posits the need to treat the mind as an independent object. Formally defined, a substance is a thing or an entity that does not depend on other thing or entity in order to exist (Lacewing). ...
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