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Essay example - How race, gender and sexual orientation appeal to some underlying biological influences.

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1 November 2012 How Race, Gender and Sexual Orientation Appeal to Some Biological Influences? Most of the time, human diversity is attributed to how each faction of one’s individual being forms the person’s unique characteristic…

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2211). In other words, the assumption that race and ethnicity are merely biological traits is utterly mistaken. Human categories such as gender and sexual orientation are oftentimes subjected to intense debates, especially gender orientation, as to whether they are nature or nurtured; and if there is a correlation between genes and gender orientation; the environment and gender orientation. Later on, an elaborative analysis shall be taken in order to explain whether, if indeed, race, sex, and gender orientation appeal to some biological influences. Also, this paper shall attempt to provide consequential and pertinent corroborations that should clarify some mistaken understandings in so far as the issues on biological influences in race, sex, and gender orientation are concerned. [Student’s Last Name] 2 Race Race “was a presumably biological feature that an individual had, but was composed of disparate elements that might contradict one another within a single body” (Marks 108). ...
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