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The results, rational and impacts that such ethical issues pose to the sports industry explain the leading occurrences. Drug use and steroids instill unfairness in sports, as the users tend to possess boosted and comparable advantage of the non-users. The act negatively influences behavior and characters of the participants as many will resort to the unethical conducts to emerge victorious with the aided advantages.
Human beings conduct themselves in a manner that the aftermaths rational dictate. The assertion relies on reference to the ends or goal attainment, this is teleology and the dependence of human conduct on it implies ethics. Ethics refers to the moral principles that administer an individual’s or group’s behavior. Teleology has helped the humans to understand the behavior as of either pursuing their ends or goals to fulfill a purpose that the mind determines or dictates. According to Aristotle, a comprehensive explanation of any phenomenon must consider its formal, efficient and final cause. The mind has to be present for a thing to act for an end (Woodfield, ...
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It involves referring to some purpose, end, goal or function that associates with a given phenomenon. The word originates from two Greek…
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