My thoughts and opinions that i have created.

My thoughts and opinions that i have created. Research Paper example
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My thoughts and opinions that i have created Name Institution What I am studying in college has turned out to be so important to me and the community at large because of what it has made me realize. Taking the course at first may not have mattered much as I only did it as a career, but at this moment I am proud of myself because of the fact that have discovered how influential and unique this course is (Langley, 2009).


It is through such things that people’s lives change dramatically and before they know it they are physically, emotionally or socially disable and challenged. Once people are in such situations, they find themselves isolated as the rest of the community regard them as problematic and unfit to mix with others. My course has made me realize that this kind of perception is very wrong and the worst ever (Powaski, 1987). It is important for everyone to know that human beings are all the same despite their situations in terms of health, state of living or finance. My class taught me a lot in terms of human life and its possible variations and I was able to know that life may start well and end bad and vice versa. It is also important as I learnt, that in life people should expect anything and when a person does not understand other humans’ unfortunate situation and show remorse, they are likely to also suffer in the same way due to luck of attention from sympathizers. I also was able to understand that people may see the unfortunate on the streets or neighborhood and ignore them not because they despise or hate them, but because they do not know how to approach the situations. ...
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