Critical Reflection paper on course Materials (Final Paper)

Critical Reflection paper on course Materials (Final Paper) Essay example
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Name Course Name Course Instructor Date of Submission Critical Reflection paper on course Materials Religion can be defined as a collection of world views, cultural systems, and belief systems that relate humans to spirituality and, to some extend, moral values.


Rough estimates put a figure of approximately 4,200 religions across the globe. Religion or an inquiry to religion is a common thing virtually across all humans. In all periods of history and corners of the globe, people have always wondered about life’s meaning, how to live it best, what will happen after life, and if there exists a supernatural being (Webster, 1). I have studied various religions in this course including indigenous religion, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam. This paper seeks to highlight on a personal experience in studying these religions, how it relates to my life, and how the knowledge impact my life. When I came to California two years ago, I had difficulties in adapting to the new environment and lifestyle. It took me quite some time to get acquainted to the dissimilar culture, way of life, and traditions. With time, I realized that the world is a small place as we interacted and affected each other every day. Although were different, we are all humans who are subjected to the universal human existence conditions like loss, change, uncertainty, and death. However, our backgrounds, histories, languages, and cultures determine how we approach those conditions (Donahue 1). Truth is, we do not worship the same gods, think the same, have the same cultural values, or share our specific histories. We interpret ourselves and the world truly differently. ...
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