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In Support of the Death Penalty Introduction Modern society, despite the progress of civilization and learning, is still an ever-dangerous place to be in. One would think that the liberal ideals of democracy would promote the safety of citizens from the scourge of corruption and criminal indulgence.


Criminals can come from any social and economic strata of society. A petty street thug and even a depraved corporate executive can commit any crime against his or her fellow citizen. Crimes of varying degrees are done with utter impunity against helpless innocent people. One must ask where is the law in all this? What happened to the safeguards and the legal forces meant to protect the citizens of society? Sure there are the police force and other law enforcement agencies that are meant to track down and arrest criminals, but they can only apprehend and imprison such problematic characters. It can also be said that the laws of the land wish to spare the lives of those who would brutally and callously destroy the lives of others. Since criminals destroy countless lives and livelihood, why should they be spared from the death penalty? Support for the Death Penalty Before going through the reasons for the death penalty, it should be taken into consideration on how the psychology of death plays a great deal here. It can be said that the average human being is very attached to life, and will generally value his or her own survival above all else. In the face of death, a person will do whatever it takes to stay alive. ...
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