Research paper....Is justice for all possible in America?''

Research paper....Is justice for all possible in America?
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Philosophy Customer Inserts His/Her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts Tutor’s Name 5th December, 2012 Introduction The US society has been considered as the birthplace of modern democracy and therefore it is expected to be one of the most progressive and fair societies in the globe.


The book explores the theme of justice and how it is exercised in the United States. The process of achieving comprehensive justice is difficult in any country in the world. This includes the United States of America, where a lot of different kinds of people live in the country. The country still faces the problem of achieving true justice in the region. Thesis Statement: The United States is a very democratic nation but achieving justice to everyone is still impossible in the country. Overview There are different people who are campaigning for justice and equality in the United States. These people are driven by the preservation of the human rights and interests of different people in the country. For instance, in his book Grey talks of the difficulty in achieving equality since people have different vested interests. The US constitution guarantees the equality of all citizens of the United States as it is protected by the first amendment. However, some specific people have different interests that are special and not guaranteed in the US constitution. Injustice in most cases in the United States of America occurs in a different manner and as result; it is difficult to achieve equality in this country (Isbister 97). Injustice occurs in different manners mainly through discrimination based on race, sex, religion and sexual preference. ...
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