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The Character of Physical Law

For instance, the moon still shines even when it is invisible. Einstein proved the relationship between conservation and locality principle in his special theory of relativity. According to Feynman, charge represent charged sub-atomic particle (electron or proton), hence a thing. On the other hand, energy is a behavior of objects, which can only be explained through abstract mathematical formulas. Charge obeys the principle of conservation, has the baryon number, and is relativistic invariance (Louisa, 2008). The three properties make charge more of a thing than a behavior. On the other hand, energy obeys the conservation principle but does have baryon number. The photon polarization experiment attempts to explain polarized sinusoidal plane electromagnetic wave. The experiment can be set in a linear or a circular format to achieve either circular or linear polarization. To determine the relationship between polarization and wave motion the experiment applies quantum mathematical variables such as vectors, unitary operators, and probability. The experiment investigates infinitesimal transformations of classical polarization state of a wave. The experiment can be conducted using a pair of Polaroid sunglasses. According to Bell's Theorem, the two values are localized. Thus, their action goes beyond their presence. ...Show more


The Character of Physical Law Conservation is the act of minimizing wastage. Thus conserving something involves a transformation that does not incur a loss. In the physical world, conservation principle is used to study energy transformation and other physical transformations…
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