The problem of evil

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Student’s Name:Yaaqoup Aljteely Course Name: PHIL 110 The Problem of Evil Introduction Some events in nature are mutually exclusive and the presence of one event implies that others cannot exist under similar circumstance. Such is expected among competing forces in which the most powerful force is expected to thrive over other forces and this forms the basis of the problem of evil that relates to the existence of evil and its associated suffering in the presence of God’s power that is believed to be supreme and omnipresent.


This is not however the case and the controversy induces dilemma on both believers and non-believers. This paper explores the concept of the problem of evil. Concepts of the problem of evil The problem of evil arises from the scope of nature that identifies conflicts in theories in existence of evil and God’s characteristics. This is because a consideration of the nature of God and His power should not allow evil to prevail, or should at least be able to eliminate evil. A number of intellectual opinions have explained impossibility of existence of both God and His powers, and evil and its associated powers and suffering. Two sets of elements, three about God’s power and one about evil illustrates mutual exclusivity between the power of God over evil and the persistent existence of evil to develop the controversy. It is for example believed that God has super natural powers, is present at all places and at all times and knows everything that happens on earth and in heaven. God is similarly defined as loving. This means that He is protective of his creations and ensures their safety from all forms of harm or threats to their well being. ...
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