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Name Course Instructor Date Moral skepticism Moral skepticism holds that no person has any moral knowledge. It denies the objective platform of morality. What counts as moral objective depends on an individual. Socrates claimed that he knew nothing. This implies that when someone is skeptical about everything, he or she should be skeptical about himself or herself.


In addition, some people decide to moral because they respond to moral choices and dilemmas in the manner they have witnessed or seen their friends, parents, and role respond. Therefore, some of the time some people chose what is moral because they have learned that doing that sort of thing is right and good. People are moral because our reinforcement comes from instinct for self-preservation; briefly, self-interest is the cause of being moral. On the other hand, some people choose to be immoral due to the fact they desire to attain certain things for less efforts. For instance, a person may decide to steal in order to get money because they know working is tedious - so stealing is an easier way of obtaining money than working.  Morality is about both obeying the set rules and evaluating the consequences. There are certain rules and regulations that set out by society that must be respected in order to live in harmony with other people, therefore people will tend to be moral by obeying the set standards in society. People maintain their moral status because they assess the result of their actions. For instance, a person is fond of telling lies and s/he will think of what happens when the truth will finally be realized (Kurtz 56). ...
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