Reflection of "Commerce in Cadavers an Open Secret"

Reflection of "Commerce in Cadavers an Open Secret" Essay example
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(Name) (Professor) (Subject) (Date) Critical Analysis of Michele Goodwin’s “Commerce in Cadavers an Open Secret” The Subject of the Argument The author of the article wants to tell the reader about the inefficiency of government and of its policies regarding the regulation and monitoring of the illegal market of individuals selling body parts.


The author finally concludes that the government has to clarify its role in the handling and management of activities involving human body parts, and that it is actually left with basically two choices: to redefine the laws that govern donation of body parts or to enforce strict standards and regulations governing the selling of body parts. The Structure of the Main Argument The argument is a deductive argument which is anchored on the claim that “an underground illegal market has developed largely because of inconsistent federal policies and practices” (Goodwin). This type of deductive argument is an example of Hypothetical Syllogism. The arguments or premises that support this conclusion are mainly examples of effects that are brought about by such inconsistencies in government policies regarding the handling and management of body parts. In standard form, it would look like this: P1: Inconsistent federal practices and policies give a chance for those engaged in the illegal selling of body parts to conduct their businesses smoothly. ...
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