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Name Date Professor’s Name Course Section/# Illegal Drug Usage and the Role of the State (3) Under what conditions is it permissible to for the state to prevent people from consuming what they want to consume? Explain and defend your answer to this question, and then explain what implications it has for drug legalization.


The logical question that one might ask with relation to the drug laws relates to two primary premises. The first of which is concentric up on the question of what document or law allows the state to determine what substances should and should not be termed legal. The second premise is concentric upon the level of freedom and personal responsibility should be championed over the ability of the state to restrict certain substances. This brief essay will discuss these premises and attempt to draw an overall level of inference from them as a means of adequately answering prompt 3 that has been enumerated on above. The first premise of such an argument necessarily is concentric upon the fact that there is no legal basis for the government/state to restrict an individual with regards to the substance that he or she chooses to engage. ...
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