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An Argument in Support of Illegal Downloading There was a time back in the 1980's when the Betamax was all the rage. It was a video player and copying machine that was meant for personal use. At the time, the entertainment industry screamed bloody hell as they proclaimed that the device would cause the demise of the entertainment industry because it allowed people to copy movies and television shows as it aired over the television screen.


People freely were sharing movies, television shows, and music with each other and not paying the artists and producers a cent in royalties. That was just plain evil in their book and it had to be stopped. As we can all see, the naysayers of then were wrong. Not only did the industry not die for the existence of betamax, but the industry flourished and, after learning to work the video industry, helped create machines that would make the experience even more enjoyable. You don't hear them complaining about how streaming videos and videos on demand via the computer would kill the industry do you? These days, the same shouts of protest can be heard about the so called “illegal sharing” of entertainment media such as movies, television shows, and music via file sharing services. These days, illegal downloading is the center of attention in both government offices and the hallways of the entertainment industry offices. ...
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