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Ethics and Morals - Essay Example

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It is regarded by society, religion culture and family setting. On the other hand, ethics is about the decisions which we make. When an individual takes an action with conforms to the societal beliefs and standards, that action are regarded to be ethical. Morals and ethics are guiding principles which assist in giving directions to a person’s conduct. Many at times, people tend to make conclusions that will be of favour to them (Nietzsche, 4). It is essential for a person to act and make ethical decision at all times, even when experiencing a difficult moment. It is also important to choose for a resolution which will be fair to everyone since we will be liable to our actions and deeds whether good or bad. The ultimate goal of these societal values is to make the world a better place. The evaluation of the good and the bad of a deed are based on a couple of issues which pertains to the values of morality in the society (Nietzsche & Arendt). The presumption of an issue by the entire community is a worrying trend. A person can be timid about reprimanding a certain perpetual societal evils, if the society approves it. It is argued individual absent at the instance of an occurrence should not be allowed to deliberate on the issue. No legal proceedings in court would be a success if we allow ourselves to be deceived by this notion. Substantive measures must be enforced to ensure obedience of the law to the letter. A person can use his capacity to ascertain the truth of the matter without necessarily being a witness to an action when it occurred. A verdict is not passed based on hints at that point in time. A good judge should gather effective and concrete evidence that will help him doubt an eyewitness submission or to disregard inappropriate judgements made by those who witnessed a happening of an event. Passing out judgement without ones presence might be considered to be an element of arrogance. In a moral and ethical perspective, it is basically pointing out what is right or wrong and is totally acceptable since it conforms to codes of ethics. Our society is engulfed in fear of judgement that has been confused by a biblical point of view. “Never judge and you will not be judged”. This approach is intertwined with throwing the fast stone. Reluctance to judge the right and wrong prowls that there is no voluntariness to an agent. Anyone is accountable and answerable to their deeds. Rising up of the issues of morality even as a by the way, is accompanied by confrontations to the persons who instigated them. Many people tend to keep quiet due to fear as a result of inadequate self-consciousness, confidence and being ego centric. The modesty attitude of saying a person is not worth to judge is also an impediment to the conformity to morals and ethics. This reflects the resemblance in people’s attitude and mentality. Those who make an effort to uphold to decency are considered to be hypocrites or consecrated therefore, they are marginalized. Thus, the immense outrage and the uproar in the attempt to correct particular blame on an individual, rather than rebuking all actions or historical tendencies. One can get an insight by recalling on what Hitler did to Plato, Nihilism, Giacchino da Fiore, the French revolution. Hitler was a considered to be murderer, politically powerful and strong. His historical traits and background cannot explain exactly who he really was and his general exercise of authority towards people’ ...Show more


Name Tutor Course College Date 1. Both Arendt and Nietzsche are interested in locating morality in the world and not “behind” the world. Compare and contrast their reasons as to why they think that morality should be found in the world and not in a transcendental concept…
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Ethics and Morals
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