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Ethics and Morals

It is regarded by society, religion culture and family setting. On the other hand, ethics is about the decisions which we make. When an individual takes an action with conforms to the societal beliefs and standards, that action are regarded to be ethical. Morals and ethics are guiding principles which assist in giving directions to a person’s conduct. Many at times, people tend to make conclusions that will be of favour to them (Nietzsche, 4). It is essential for a person to act and make ethical decision at all times, even when experiencing a difficult moment. It is also important to choose for a resolution which will be fair to everyone since we will be liable to our actions and deeds whether good or bad. The ultimate goal of these societal values is to make the world a better place. The evaluation of the good and the bad of a deed are based on a couple of issues which pertains to the values of morality in the society (Nietzsche & Arendt). The presumption of an issue by the entire community is a worrying trend. A person can be timid about reprimanding a certain perpetual societal evils, if the society approves it. It is argued individual absent at the instance of an occurrence should not be allowed to deliberate on the issue. No legal proceedings in court would be a success if we allow ourselves to be deceived by this notion. ...
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Name Tutor Course College Date 1. Both Arendt and Nietzsche are interested in locating morality in the world and not “behind” the world. Compare and contrast their reasons as to why they think that morality should be found in the world and not in a transcendental concept…
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