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Name: Instruction: Task: Date: Existentialism Existentialism is a broad field that covers several topics that explore life, existence and its consequential effects upon humanity. This also means the concepts of existentialism are infused into the culture of human life through systems checked by morals, ethics and responsibilities.


Furthermore, the essence of incorporating the concepts of existentialism has adverse effects in life especially when there is less understanding of the mitigating beliefs of deaths. Moreover, it should be noted that the use of concepts helps in understanding the goals and aspirations of people and the state to attain happiness. There are several interesting issues pertaining to existentialism in the context of ethics and morality. Therefore, ethics in the view of existentialism includes the recommendation of concepts of wrong conduct and its succeeding concepts. On that account, there are different operational areas of ethics in the way that they apply in existentialism. This is in the form of the individual choices that people make especially in their conducts and rights in life. Morality on the other hand deals with the differentiation of actions, decisions and actions that determine whether something is either right or wrong. Similarly, it also reflects on the ethics of doing well in society that has varied choices in life (Earnshaw 177). Therefore, existentialism as noted by Jean Sartre on responsibility is based on the concepts such as the absurd, facticity and authenticity among others. This means that people are expected to live in accordance with the individual self without compromising on others rights and freedoms. ...
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