Cartesian dualism,Descartes

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Cogito ergo sum. Rene Descartes’ famous dictum literally translating to ‘I think therefore I am’ has been subject of many philosophical analyses. This has spun the Cartesian school of dualism which follows from the premise that the mind is completely separable from the body.


But this trend has not been without reason. The different experiences of a person, as each of us experience, makes for the bona fide interest in the topic. There remain consistent scholarly productions because it is, as the most riveting philosophical ideas go, a thought provoking notion that invites and generates the infinite diaspora of the study. The first person (tending in the narrative tone) that Descartes opted to write in made his propositions appear stronger and many philosophers have taken a literal interpretation to his uttered premise and just as many dissections possible. The Cartesian dualism may seem like a strong declaration of an absolutist idea that the mind could exist distinct from the body but this is merely an aspect of an entire argument that has many other elements to it. There is truth that by knowing our minds we find that the body is separate from it. There are many things that we will through our minds which our body then perform, in the same way that what the mind may want the body cannot perform. This finds example in common impediments pertaining to physical incapacities. ...
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