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Name Professor Subject Date Freedom Human freedom, the central focus of existentialism, is unquestionably one of the most basic ideas that have driven the development of democratic politics in the last few hundred years. It is taught in schools as one of the essential tenets of human life, and the lack of it is used as a reason for meddling in the affairs of others (Leo Franchi, n.d.).


Individual choices were circumscribed in order to achieve the more egalitarian distribution of goods and services like education and health care. In some contemporary Islamic nations, individual freedom must conform to religious practices. Individual behavior is also restricted by religious belief in Israel on the Jewish Sabbath and religious holidays and in some communities in the United States on Sundays because of Christian beliefs, On the other hand, religious conservatives often want governments to severely limit the options available to women who want to terminate pregnancies and oppose extending certain legal rights, including health benefits for partners and the right to marry the person they choose, to homosexuals (The Meaning of Freedom in the Modern World, Winter-Spring 2001). When we talk of existentialism, we talk of freedom, choices and action in connection with being human. ...
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