Gun Control or any other interesting philosophical topic., i don't mind.

Gun Control or any other interesting philosophical topic., i don
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Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date of Submission: Ethics of Gun Control The 2nd Amendment of the US constitution gives the right of owning and using arms for security purposes (Carter 24). The leaders who established the United States were of the belief that it is important for the citizens to carry the guns to protect the character and dignity.


Such essential rights allow the citizen of United States as the independent citizen without any control. The expression “gun control” has different meanings for different citizens and there are some counter laws have opposed the condition for the last many years that gives protection to firearms. Under the gun control, it involves the rules and regulations developed by the government that bounds the right of the a gun users in order to buy, carry or operate the firearm in order to eradicate the negativities of the gun owning in the form of robbery, theft, abduction, murder and other criminal activities. This right limitation matches the Kant’s model that explains that the morality of the action depended upon the intention of the individual and not on the consequence of that act (Tampio 68). The issue under question is the limiting of the citizen’s right to carry the arms will not match the interest of everyone. For the gun control matter, there are two major groups that have opposite believes and includes individual rights and utilitarianism. Both the theories cannot exist at one time and it is completely against the utilitarianism to grant the full rights to the citizen to own and freely use the gun and ammunitions. ...
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