Ethical Behavior and Ethical Lenses Of Baird.

Ethical Behavior and Ethical Lenses Of Baird.  Essay example
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It is significant that everyone has a thorough knowledge regarding one’s personal code of ethics-a self-discovery of what one’s primary ethical lens is. One’s values and ethical decisions form the basis of one’s behavior


The ELI is sure to facilitate the self-discovery of one’s underlying values which help individuals to identify their preferred approach to solving ethical dilemmas. One’s personal code of ethics is shaped by one’s family members, teachers, norms and regulations of the community, formal and informal education, philosophy, morality and religion. Similarly, each profession and organization has its own ethical codes (values, expectations and set of preferences) which the employees have to follow. It is also important for individuals to identify the values in conflict through greater self-knowledge. These values in conflict are the result of differences between one’s personal and community values, conflicts as to which personal value should take priority in a given situation, and the disparity between one’s best and worst selves. The ELI will also equip one to identify one’s values in conflict and as such this paper seeks to address my personal ethics statement based on Baird’s ethical decision model. For Baird, the four basic values that form one’s ethical behavior and determine one’s primary ethical lens are rationality, sensibility, autonomy and equality. ...
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