Kant's Argument for the existence of God

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The concept of God is one of the most perplexing ideas that human mind has ever thought about. If God does not exist, then the concept of God probably remains the single most significant and strong concept to have been established by human mind.


Therefore, the arguments about God’s existence come in distinct forms in that some are drawn on reason and moral philosophy. There are many questions concerning how people believe that there exist a supreme spiritual being. In real sense, the supreme spiritual being exists. Throughout human history, they have always thought of the existence of God. There is sufficient evidence to belief and proof that God exist. For a long time, human beings have tried to offer support for that belief. In place of ontological, cosmological, and metaphysical assertions, Kant came up with a new theory to argue for the existence of a Supreme Being or God that he believed would influence people’s perception and understanding of God. His moral argument for the existence of God is endowed with practical validity since Kant does not include the aspect of absolute proof as traditional approaches did. Kant argued that the existence of God could never be explained by teleological or cosmological happenings. Kant asserted that in order to explain the existence of God, it is vital to get rid of teleological and Cosmological arguments. Kant based his arguments on belief rather than reason. People have come up with various arguments to argue for the existence of God. ...
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