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Husserl's theory of Phenomenology

While Husserl was the first philosopher to heighten phenomenology to an entire philosophical school of thought, subsequent thinkers would expand and change Husserl’s concepts. Throughout the 20th century two major forms of phenomenology emerged – Husserl’s theory of phenomenology and the existential theory of phenomenology. This essay compares and contrasts these divergent perspectives. There are a variety of differing features of Husserl’s theory of phenomenology and the existential version. In both instances, however, there is the similar recognition that phenomenological investigation considers internal aspects of human consciousness (Sokolowski, p. 159). Both perspectives on phenomenology worked to investigate aspects of human consciousness through bracketing techniques (Sokolowski, p. 159). In this way, the human senses’ perceived the external world was a major investigative trope. Both schools of thought recognized that the human senses only constituted a partial reflection of actual reality. Subsequently, phenomenology implemented the ‘epoche’ method of investigation where a particular aspect of sensory experience was bracketed and investigated. ...
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Phenomenology Today phenomenology has a number of complex types of understanding. This theory, however, is highly relevant in the social sciences, as phenomenological investigation constitutes a major form of qualitative analysis. While the philosophy of phenomenology constitutes one branch of understanding, there is the more overarching consideration of phenomenology as a means of examining elements of human consciousness…
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