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[Name] [Instructor’s Name] [Class Information] [Date] Assignment Homer and Virgil In these great works that have transpired over time, the presence of man as the core does not vary much according to the current literature. We have seen how far the focus on men and their importance as entity structuring and destructive throughout history.


Certainly among the Aeneid and Homer's poems there are similarities among many: but there are significant differences. Some are of the general differences that distinguish the popular epic and educated: • At present many features of Homer oral, oral traits are popular, absent from the epic educated or gifted in it otherwise. • Typical elements (ornamental epithets patterns or scenes) when they appear in Virgil, and do not appear as they are in Homer, as a means to facilitate the oral composition or memorizing the poem. Virgil, poet cult, typical uses these elements as a means to assimilate into Homer, the epic poet par excellence, with which the educated public knows that Rome is going to compare. There are also other differences, at other levels: • This is not the value of the national element in the Iliad and the Aeneid. • This is not the behavior of the gods. • And the star is different. Aristotle’s Poetries In his poetic art, Aristotle answered the accusations addressed against Plato poetry. According to him it is responsible for the cultivation of passion, disturbance of mental harmony and sense of citizenship and enshrining the therapeutic nature of art. ...
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