malfeasance: appropriation through pollution

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Name Professor Course Date Malfeasance: Appropriation through Pollution Malfeasance: Appropriation through Pollution by Michel Serres talks about the correlation existing amid nature and culture in the current world. Seres is a French philosopher who is interested in keeping the earth clean from pollution; hence decided to write a book to enlighten the human beings on the significance of being careful when avoiding pollution at all cost (Serres, 1-89).


He does this by first analyzing the origin of problems existing in the globe and affecting the environment. Reflecting back during the industrial revolution, it is established that human beings have continued to increase the rate of pollution. The preeminent solution he advices man to apply to avoid polluting the earth is that they ought to assume that they possess the world and assume that they rent the earth. It is believed that through this idea, man will have the conscious of protecting the earth since he will pay for spoils made during the settle on earth as a renter (Serres, 1-89). Serres warns human kind to be exceptionally serious on the issue of polluting the earth since it is heading for disaster, and this will hurt and wipe all living creature on the globe. Serres comes up with another common phrase ‘our cleanness is our dirt’, which is proven by the behavior of human beings who intentionally pollute the earth to mark their territory and avoid other creatures (Serres, 1-89). This is true since some animals will mark their habitat and keep away other animals through urinating around the area. ...
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