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Complete Name: Course: Title: Principles of Logic as Applied to My Life Prior to my understanding of logic and its principles, about three years ago, I received recommendation through one of the coordinators in our community organization who inquired about my interest in filling an open position for leadership on youth welfare department.


In order to determine whether or not I could be fit for the position, I had to undergo a general IQ test and a panel interview consisting of the board of directors. Fortunately, I passed the IQ exam then I was allotted a week to prepare for the interview which apparently was the second and final stage of the application process. Because of my high anticipation of it, I made rigid plans and subjected myself to a complex task of reading and analyzing documents which basically substantiate details pertaining to the scope of responsibilities of a youth welfare department head. It occurred too technical that I even thought of having to practice good formal speech and gestures in front of the mirror. I was thinking that the interviewers would have the candidates respond to real tough queries and prove one’s worth through sophisticated means of conveying answers to qualify for the post. Little did I know, however, that none of the possible questions I supposed might be asked emerged. Instead, each of the directors came up with the type “To you, what is the meaning of life?” and “What is the essence of youth?”. ...
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