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Declaration of Independence Evaluation

Declaration of independence was not entirely congress original work in terms of convictions and ideas. It has several similarities with the work of John Locke work about the American treatise. The beginning clauses of the document that states that human kind was created alike with inalienable rights of liberty, life and freedom is in conjunction with the Locke philosophy. Locke point of view was that all the jurisdiction and power is equal with no citizen having more than the other does. The document further proceeds to emphasize that government is established through the decision of the citizens to protect their rights. Furthermore, it claims that in case the state does not address and protect the rights of the people then it will be the democracy of the citizens to abolish or alter the government. The Locke’s philosophy is well enshrined in the document. Hobbes counter declaration mimics the ideologies of declaration of independence and the Hobbes ideas was to justify the king's action in England as perfectly legitimate. Hobbes perception and beliefs allowed the people to elect sovereign once and after that, the people should be obedient to the government without questioning. The sovereign as called by Hobbes decides the successor and the rules. ...Show more


Declaration of independence evaluation [Name] [Institution] Date Declaration of independence evaluation The declaration of independence was written and signed by the founding fathers of United States in 1776. The document was designed for the United States specifically and with philosophies and foundation of early thinkers…
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