Philosophy/Theology/Logic: logical acumen and thinking

Philosophy/Theology/Logic: logical acumen and thinking Essay example
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The Cosmological Argument Abstract The cosmological argument aims at proving God’s existence from the very fact that the Universe (cosmos) must have began from somewhere. The paper therefore seeks to critically evaluate and review the soundness (sound argument: An argument that is valid and has all true premises) of the cosmological argument as brought forth by St Thomas Aquinas and other Philosophers and give reasons for its support (Alan Hausman, Howard Kahane, Paul Tidman, 16).


The cosmological argument is a posteriori argument that aims at proving the existence of God from the basis of our own existence. It purports to establish the existence of a being and its possession of the attributes- omnipotence, omniscience, goodness etc. - commonly associated with theistic concept of God (Rowe, M. William, 5). There are three forms of the cosmological argument: the Thomist, Leibnizian and Kalam arguments. The argument has got two distinct parts; the first part of the argument tries to establish the existence of a superior being, the unmoved mover or rather the prime mover as Aristotle tells us. The second part of the argument on the other hand, moves to name the self existent being as God. The argument as put forth by St. Thomas Aquinas (13th C) and later a new version by Philosophers of 18th C moves from the known to unknown. In other words, it begins from what we see by our own senses to a reality that is beyond our experiences. The cosmological argument however, has left so many loopholes that are yet to be answered. One of the arguments by St. Thomas is the argument from motion; that some things in this world are seen to be in motion. ...
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