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Name Institution Date How does Descartes Prove that God Exists? In the book Voices of Wisdom, Rene Descartes proves the existence of God using his philosophical aspects. This clearly shows his statements and questions. This paper aims at helping students examine the complex elements of Rene’s proof of God’s existence.


If it is possible to prove the God’s existence, does one require faith? Philosophers need to evaluate their arguments carefully. This paper discusses how Rene proves that God exists in detail as seen hereunder (Kessler, 2000). To start with, Rene argues that in order to have the idea of something, then one need to understand it, then there may exist something, which is known. This implies that God exists as he knows that God is in existence and most people understand this. Rene goes ahead to prove that God exists when he says that all things that he has can have some clear idea. However, he cannot produce these things for himself and have received from the entity, therefore, these things exist. This means that God exists. At the start of the meditation three, Descartes made some moves towards defeating his doubt. He uses his usual methods of doubt and analysis systematically to examine all of his beliefs. He leaves those that he would call into doubt till he arrived at one of the belief that he may no longer doubt. This explains that evil genius, which seek to cheat him and could not cheat him into thoughts, which he could not exist when indeed he existed. After determining for certain that he is in existence, when applying the second method of doubt as well as analysis, he also determined that his essence was to be thinking a thing (Kessler, 2000). ...
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