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Ludwig Wittgenstein is an Australian-British scholar who was raised in a famous Viennese dynasty. He was born in the year1889 and passed away in 1951. Wittgenstein is among the famous thinkers of the 20th era.


His earlier profession was an effect of Arthur and his mentor Russell Bertrand. His earlier profession was terminated in the Tractatus, which is based on the notion of rational problems that contributed to arguments of the logical language. His work tries to show the logic in philosophy and theoretical investigations. This is through revealing the logic and language used in philosophy as well as the technical approach of philosophical issues. The work of Wittgenstein on a rule of private language is still taken into considerations and his philosophical work as influenced varied field outside the work of philosophy. Therefore, the discussions within the research analysis provide different ways of understanding diverged philosophical writings of Wittgenstein. The Philosophical Features of Wittgenstein Wittgenstein’ logical concept is anti-theoretical; thus, it is not easy to classify them in the classical ideas. He focused on philosophical logic and language of philosophy, which a theory demonstrating his own meaning of philosophical ideas. He used a philosophical paradox of explaining the logic and language used in philosophical work, which he borrowed from the Greek sceptic (Pojman and Vaughn 192). He avoided the logic and language theory in 1929; thus started explaining ideas rather than describing them. ...
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