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Philosophy take home final

According to the law of nature, every action has an opposite reaction and an evil action done by a person is returned back to him with all its power and strength. A pain caused to others brings unhappiness to them and the same feeling is directed back to the pain giver. According to Kant the people who are unethical and immoralist does not have the right to be happy. According to Kant, happiness is a state where there is enjoyment in life and there is continuous contentment and satisfaction in one’s own existence. According to him a person can qualify to be happy if he has followed the universal law of goodwill. 2.How are fatalism, hard determinism, and predestination different ? Some may use these terms synonymously; however there are important distinctions for the philosopher. What are they? Fatalism is a doctrine where all the actions and events are subjugated to fate. Whereas, hard determinism is the stronger version of determinism where one person believes ardently in free will and give importance to cause and effect. Here the random elements of Universe are disregarded. On the other hand, predestination is a theological theory which asserts that all actions and events are happening according to the will of the God. ...
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1.Is it possible to be unworthy of happiness ? why or why not ? What,according to Kant, would qualify a person for the right to be happy ? Happiness is a state of mind where people feel peace and pleasure at the same time .People in a life time feel both happy and sad and there is no such state as only happiness throughout a lifetime…
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