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Resolving dilemma by Applying Ethical Theories: The Case of Gina Kolata

Resolving dilemma by Applying Ethical Theories: The Case of Gina Kolata

There was no allowance for the doctor to disclose his results and thoughts to the person who had made a donation of the cells. The condition for the donation of the cells was that his name would be kept anonymous. The evolution of the world has been accompanied by various developments that have created the allowance for the doctors to use sophisticated tools and techniques in their practices, including in the studies of DNA. The eventuality is that doctors are finding the results that they do not need for their practice. However, these encompass the information that could make a lot of difference if disclosed to the anonymous donors. Then the crucial question pertains to the subject of whether the genetic results should ever be conveyed to the families of the donors. The question also pertains to how, as well as when, these could be effectively done. Doctor Francis Collin acknowledges criticality of the underlying dilemma, commending that the society is living in the era where information obtained from research is so controversial that those who obtain do not know how to use it. Such ethical dilemma persistently present itself year-after-year, as the time not only yield cheaper, but also relatively easy techniques of genome sequencing. Nevertheless, some research findings are often clear. For example, the colon cancer genes would increase the susceptibility of cancer infection for the subjects who inherit it. How significant the genetic changes occur is never clear. ...
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The article by Kolata features an ethical dilemma a pertaining to the experimental practices. Dr. Chinnaiayan looks at the gene sequence printout of a man with cancerous cells. This is the first subject of his studies. …
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