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The concepts of determinism, compatibilism, and libertarianism - Essay Example

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Name of Professor Analyzing the Concepts of Determinism, Libertarianism, and Compatibilism Introduction All individuals embrace an ethical point of view of what is moral and immoral, right and wrong. An ethical point of view on life defines people in most cases as rationally and morally conscientious beings…
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The concepts of determinism, compatibilism, and libertarianism
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The concepts of determinism, compatibilism, and libertarianism

Moreover, it is a difficult theoretical issue with regards to different worldviews that individuals hold. This essay discusses, compares and contrasts, and analyzes the concepts of determinism, libertarianism, and compatibilism. The last section discusses the best perspective among the three. Comparison and Contrast Philosophers have long debated the nature of free will. Three schools of thought have emerged from this debate: determinism, libertarianism, and compatibilism. Determinism is defined as the belief that for every occurrence there are circumstances which guarantee that nothing else could occur. One variety of determinism describes it as the belief that every occurrence is caused by prior occurrences and the important conditions needed for the creation of that occurrence. Every occurrence is the inevitable consequence of a series of occurrences resulting in that occurrence.1 Hard determinism supports libertarianism in claiming that determinism is irreconcilable with free will. Hard determinists refute the presence of free will and libertarianists believe in the existence of free will and rejects determinism as regards human freedom. ...
Because everything is indispensable, predetermined, and imposed, individuals cannot be held responsible for their behaviors. Hard determinism accepts the intuitive character of free will but claims that it is a false impression.3 The pure impossibility of free will can be viewed in how hard determinism characterizes freedom. According to hard determinists, real freedom cannot have a source. Since everything is an outcome of causation, free will is ruled out. Hard determinists view human beings as physical entities and human behavior is determined by natural laws. In contrast, while taking into account the deterministic nature of some forms of reality, libertarianism fully accepts moral responsibility and the intuitive character of free will. This perspective does not disregard the existence of causation and natural laws in the physical realm but argues that it is not applicable to everything, especially to human actions. Libertarianists believe that free individuals act for reasons. Causes explain human actions but do not determine or create them.4 Libertarianism willingly accepts that some occurrences could be necessitated but refutes the idea that every action is the outcome of an antecedent cause. Therefore, libertarianism recognizes the causation model in the physical realm but argues that human actions should be understood in terms reasons, intentions, or internal conditions. Basically speaking, external forces could influence the action, but in the end it is up to the individual to choose between several available alternatives. Compatibilism, on the other hand, is presented as a way of reconciling the opposing views of determinism and libertarianism. This perspective establishes a totally deterministic view of ... Read More
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(The Concepts of Determinism, Compatibilism, and Libertarianism Essay)
“The Concepts of Determinism, Compatibilism, and Libertarianism Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.net/philosophy/81312-the-concepts-of-determinism-compatibilism-and.
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Free will, determinism, compatibilism
While the Christian doctrine states that “All humans have sinned,” Islam has taken a different approach regarding this sensitive issue. Undoubtedly, life is full of challenges, surprises, and works in mysterious ways. One cannot ignore the fact that certain circumstance that occur in life that one cannot control.
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All of these reinforce the natural right of people to do what they want, for as long as the actions taken do not wreak harm on other beings, and more importantly, on other people. Since the term ‘doing what is wanted’ is conceptually and practically ambiguous, as the inclination toward the good and the avoidance of the bad have been subjected to people’s own reasoning and interpretation, the society has drafted rules that aimed at controlling the behavior of people.
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Freedom and Determinism Problem
However, the motivation behind determinism is to apply that model to even mental phenomena, beyond the physical interactions in the visible universe. Human thoughts and actions as determined by outside events points to a nonexistent free will for human beings.
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Determinism, Compatibilism, and Libertarianism
This essay discusses determinism, compatibilism, and libertarianism. Discussion whether human action is pre-determined or is as a result of free will started ancient time and until today no concrete solution has been obtained. Free will, choice, liberty, and determination are terms that seem similar yet different in philosophical meaning.
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The philosophical ideas of determinism, compatibilism and libertarianism
Philosophy is a complex term and also a concept complicated in nature for explaining, understanding and conceiving. Some of the philosophical ideas are determinism, compatibilism and libertarianism. These are certain concepts which are largely connected to human lives and the way they contemplate life.
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Determinism,compatibilism, and libertarianism
Unfortunately, many of these ideas are not remotely in agreement and some downright contradict one another. Each one claiming to have the answer as to the nature of mankind, why human beings behave as they do, and how best for them to live within and perceive society.
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In essence, there are two modalities of this philosophy of Statehood. Some libertarians adhere to the "entitlement theory of justice". Its major exponent being the philosopher Robert Nozick, it holds that every individual has the rights to life, liberty, and property, where these are rights of non-interference, or entitlement to resources.
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Free Will: (Determinism vs Libertarianism)
Philosophy is divided over whether events are determined and whether freedom can coexist with it. This paper analyzes the concept of free will by analyzing the arguments of determinism and libertarianism on free will. Determinism believes in a broad definition
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It promotes free will and urges individuals to cooperate voluntarily. Libertarianism is further divided into many parts which revolve around these basic concepts. Anarchism is a branch of libertarianism
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The problem of free will arises from three initially plausible assumptions: 1. Human beings have free will. 2. The world is deterministic. 3. Free will is incompatible with determinism
hard determinism, Libertarianism, and Compatibilism, I find the Compatibilism position most plausible. This paper gives a critical discussion of why Compatibilism position is the most plausible solution to the problem of evil as compared to the other two
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