History of Political Philosophy

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Conservatism is a political philosophy that preserves traditional social organizations. It is a social philosophy that seeks to preserve things in a traditional way, and it emphasizes stability and opposes modernism.


The modern political philosophers view conservatism as a social issue in the political organization as a way of masking economic goals. However, the true objective of conservatism is to establish dignity, which is a social and psychological stipulation of discrepancy. Thus, the deceptions of conservatism in the current era will no longer be adequate because conservatisms are sophisticated especially in the current cultural society. On should accept conservatism as a guide to public policies because it is one of the significant driving forces towards building the American society where freedom, prosperity and opportunity flourish. However, it is significant to strike a balance between protection of civil rights and fundamental rights. There is a dramatic increase of conservatism in the public organizations and policy research organizations since the midst of 1990. The changes can be explained through the expansion of conservatism movement in the nation, the fall of communism and increased political democracies across the globe. Understanding cultural misunderstanding is significant because culture plays significant roles towards social and economic development. Behr (23) argues that conservatism movement is instrumental towards reorganizing and establishment of democracy across the globe. It continues to flourish the former communist nations, and it has played significant roles in numerous entities as well as helping organizations to increase visibility. ...
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